Recycling and Sustainability

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Recycling and Sustainability

At Blake Grounds services we are committed to being Green, ok cliche, however being truthful we are committed to doing our best to work in a Sustainable way that is Friendly to the Environments that we Operate in.

Through our Partnership with Cheshire Green waste, we are successfully Recycling 100% of our Green Waste, this includes, Grass Cuttings, Hedge trimmings, Brambles to name a few.

Once the waste is received at Cheshire Green Waste it is then left at their facility for a period of time to naturally Biodegrade then it is utilised on their fields to feed their Crops. 100% recycled!

Furthering our commitment to operate in a sustainable way, we have invested in a collection of battery powered tools and we aim to invest even further in the future.


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